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Slim & Sculpt with Electrotherapy : FAQ

The Basics

What are Electrotherapy and Cosmetic Electrotherapy?

When electric currents are passed through the body to stimulate nerves and muscles, this is referred to as electrotherapy. While electrotherapy is most often used for medical and therapeutic purposes, such as improving mobility and body pains, cosmetic electrotherapy is the same concept with an emphasis on aesthetic outcomes. There are two primary kinds of cosmetic electrotherapy: body treatment to target extra weight and facial treatment for a natural lifting of the facial muscles and firming of the skin.

Who should use Electrotherapy and Cosmetic Electrotherapy?

Those who require physical therapy for nerve damage, muscle spasms or muscle rehabilitation should seek out electrotherapy medical treatment. Cosmetic electrotherapy, on the other hand, is ideal for those seeking beauty-boosting benefits. If you’re looking for a natural face-lift or an alternative to diet and exercise, cosmetic electrotherapy is highly recommended.

The Benefits

Can I use Cosmetic Electrotherapy for cellulite?

Yes. Clinical trials have proven that, when used consistently, cosmetic electrotherapy can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite. The pulsing of currents can serve as a massage – improving blood circulation and stimulating vasodilation. This, in turn, smoothens out the orange peel-like skin texture.

Can I use Cosmetic Electrotherapy for body toning?

Yes, muscle toning is one of the primary goals of cosmetic electrotherapy. Through the use of Mid-Frequency currents, targeted muscles are engaged and forced to contract, triggering what is referred to as “Passive Exercise.” That’s right –  without lifting a finger, currents convince your body it is exercising and using those targeted muscles. As is the case with regular exercise, regular use of cosmetic electrotherapy can lead to toned and strengthened muscles. This entire process, referred to as Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), is well-known and well-regarded in both the athletic and beauty industry.

Can I use Electrotherapy for muscle relief?

Yes – in fact, healthcare professionals have used it for musculoskeletal treatments for over 30 years. Even homecare beauty devices, such as the Lebody Form, can provide these muscle-soothing benefits and better yet, from the comfort of your own home.

The Technology

What are Mid-Frequency Currents?

Popular beauty devices, such as the Lebody Form, use Mid-Frequency currents to trigger EMS.

Mid-Frequency currents occupy the middle of the frequency spectrum between Low Frequency and Radio Frequency – a chosen range by researchers to ensure currents penetrate beyond skin while causing minimal discomfort.

What are Beat Frequency Currents?

When currents of similar frequencies but different wavelengths are crossed, they produce a pulse pattern called Beat Frequency. The Lebody Form employs Beat-Frequency currents to penetrate even deeper into the body, triggering more substantial effects.

Lebody Form

What is the Lebody Form?

Produced in Korea, the Lebody Form is a groundbreaking weight loss device that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to slim and sculpt the body. This highly acclaimed aesthetic device has been lauded by beauty-fans, experts and celebrities. The Lebody Form has two training modes – Gym and Slim – each with six different strength levels, to ensure that your individual weight loss and body-toning needs are being met.

When should I use Gym Mode or Slim Mode?

Gym Mode should be used if you are new to the Lebody Form or if muscle stimulation is your primary goal. While both modes employ muscle stimulation, Gym Mode is considered more gentle than its counterpart. Slim Mode is ideal for those who require more intensive care for fat-burning and muscle-toning – its use of Beat Frequency currents stimulate deeper and wider areas of the body to double the effects of Gym Mode.

What does the Lebody Form feel like?

When the electrodes come into contact with skin, a warm and tingling sensation is elicited in the body. For most users, this feeling is pleasurable and the pulsing of currents can be likened to a soothing massage, especially on lower strength levels. Many report of a significant reduction in body stiffness after using the Lebody Form, as improved blood circulation releases tension from vital areas of the body. Each session will leave users feeling calm, relaxed and recharged.

For those using Lebody for slimming, the aesthetic device produces a stronger vibration for a deeper impact. Users who are unaccustomed to strong muscle engagement may find this experience intense, but only because the body is undergoing passive exercise. The Lebody Form stimulates the same muscle contractions that are induced in manual exercise, but without the exertion of energy. Continued use will see targeted muscles becoming strengthened, in turn reducing the intensity of stronger levels. After each session, users can expect the pleasant soreness normally felt after a workout and better yet, they can expect the same results.

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