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Omnilux Contour FACE, Anti-Aging & Anti-Pigmentation LED


With over 4,500 in-clinic systems installed globally and more than 40 peer-reviewed published clinical studies, Omnilux is the most trusted LED Phototherapy system around the world for medical and aesthetic applications. Omnilux is the only LED device in the market to receive the most FDA clearances than any of its competition, and it is finally introducing its medical-grade light therapy benefits to your home. Research shows that the greatest efficacy of phototherapy is cumulative and is found with weekly treatments. As the skin ages daily, it makes sense to stimulate the right cells regularly.

Omnilux Contour is an exciting new line of home-use products brought to you by the makers of the gold standard Omnilux Medical™ Light Therapy system. Backed by more than 25 years of clinical experience, Omnilux Contour combines two clinically proven wavelengths of light, 633nm (red) and 830nm (near-infrared) together to provide full rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits. Studies demonstrate that these precise specifications work on a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elastin production; they improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation which leaves skin looking rejuvenated, plumper and over time helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


How It Works
How To
  1. Prep: Remove makeup, cleanse skin. Apply Omnilux Contour Hydrogel Mask if applicable.
  2. Treat: Secure Omnilux Contour FACE to face and head using Velcro straps. Press and hold Controller button for 1-2 seconds till device lights up. The Contour FACE will turn off automatically at the end of the 10-minute treatment.
  3. Finish: Massage any remaining Hydrogel into the skin (if applicable) and finish off with favourite moisturiser and/or sunscreen.

We recommend three 10-minute treatments each week for 4-6 weeks.

Combine with your favourite skincare or most popular aesthetic treatments for optimal results.

Optimized energy output and two clinically proven wave lengths of light work on a cellular level to stimulate new collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce sun damage and the visible signs of aging.

Yes. Omnilux’s Contour devices are FDA cleared and have been clinically proven to produce medical grade results. However not all LED masks are created equal. Some brands are less powerful and lack the clinical studies or FDA clearance that demonstrate proven effectiveness.
Over 40 clinical studies and nearly 20 years of experience have proven that Omnilux light therapy is very safe, with no adverse side effects, no pain and no downtime. Omnilux Contour generates no heat or UV light and is intended for adults 21+ and is safe for all skin types.
A course of treatments is recommended: three to five 10 minute treatments per week, for4-6 weeks, followed by routine maintenance as desired.
There are studies showing that red and near-infrared light therapy may be effective in reducing redness & inflammation and improving overall skin tone due to rosacea, psoriasis and eczema flare ups. However, Omnilux Contour has not been tested specifically for these skin conditions.

Omnilux Contour is compatible with most skin care routines. It can also be used in conjunction with other professional skin treatments such as micro needling, peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, injections or fillers to promote healing and optimize results.

Contour should be used on clean, bare skin, or with the Contour Hydrogel. However, if additional hydration is desired during treatment, a light water-based or Vitamin C serum can be used instead of the Hydrogel. Any other products could impact the amount of light reaching the skin and reduce effectiveness, or possibly cause a skin reaction or damage the Contour device itself.

The Contour is completely portable and battery powered so you can easily walk or move around while wearing it. You only need to plug it into an outlet to recharge the battery, which lasts for approximately 140 minutes, or 14 treatments.

Our products have not been studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women, so we advise against using it during this time. Red light therapy is very safe overall but because we do not have enough information about use while pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend not using unless approved by your doctor.


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