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SFBHL2 | Bodysuit with High-Back - Zipperless

  • $181.00

Designed with our patented ComfortWeave® fabric, the SFBHL2 is a zipperless girdle which features high-back coverage, slide-adjustable shoulder straps, a molded buttock, leg coverage to the ankle with a clean-cut finish, and an accessible crotch opening.

Available Options

Graduated compression

Step 2 zipperless bodysuit

Ankle length

High back coverage

Slide-adjustable shoulder straps

Molded buttocks

Open crotch

Machine washable

Points of Measure: Waist, Hip, Thigh 

Please note: Your regular shirt or pant size may not be the same size as a Marena garment. Please measure yourself with a tape measure and use the appropriate size chart to find your Marena size.

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  • SFBHL2 | Bodysuit with High-Back - Zipperless
  • SFBHL2 | Bodysuit with High-Back - Zipperless


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