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Lebody Form’s Hidden Benefits

It’s no secret that the Lebody Form is a miracle-worker for weight loss. Arms, stomach, and thighs – the Form finds its way easily through all problematic areas, sculpting the figure like a work of fine art. To many, it may seem like magic – but what’s really behind this beauty phenomenon is cutting-edge science.

So what is it that makes the Lebody Form so ground-breaking? Its use of Medium-Frequency electrical currents. These are similar to micro-currents except they fire at a higher frequency to get beyond skin, in order to stimulate muscles and zap away at stubborn fat. It sounds too good to be true but believe it or not, electrotherapy has been a known magician for decades. What many don’t know, however, is that its benefits extend far beyond weight loss.

Allow us to fill you in on its many hidden benefits:

  1. Reducing Cellulite
    Fitness experts have said it over and over – the key to reducing cellulite is not just fat loss but increased blood circulation. By massaging the skin, the Lebody Form works to improve blood flow, gradually smoothing out knots of fat from under the skin. It also employs a process called vasodilation which further boosts blood circulation. With blood flow increased and fat components broken down simultaneously, you can rest assured that your cellulite is being tackled on two different fronts.
  2. Improving Skin Elasticity
    The magic is medium-frequency! Collagen and elastin production is promoted through cell activation, a process induced by the pulsing of electrical currents. What this means is collagen proteins divide rapidly, so the skin’s ability to stretch and repair itself is greatly improved. Not only can you expect to see vibrant skin on your body, but you can expect younger, resilient skin.
  3. Easing Muscle Aches & Pains
    This one is a no-brainer. The use of currents for pain relief is referred to as Interferential Therapy and it is widely used in treating body pain. Studies have shown that electrical energy encourages the body’s natural healing process and in doing so, injured tissue heals faster and muscle pains are eased. Since the Lebody Form also massages the skin, sore muscles can be soothed more directly through touch as well.
  4. Strengthening Muscles
    The Lebody Form doesn’t just contour to make you look more fit and strong – you really are more fit and strong. Currents target specific muscle groups, engaging them and forcing them to contract. Some users may experience mild discomfort but the feeling is not too different from soreness after regular exercise. This feeling is a positive sign! It means the currents are convincing muscles they’ve been exercising. After continued stimulation, muscles will become strengthened as they would through regular exercise.
  5. Accelerate Metabolism
    By inducing muscle contractions, a mechanical reaction referred to as passive exercise is produced. Cellular metabolism becomes greatly increased as this energy is generated within the body. This means that the body continues to burn fat even after the Lebody Form is turned off.

It sounds like magic, we know, but trust us, it’s better – it’s science. For another wide range of beauty benefits, complete your beauty arsenal with the Lebody Face. Lebody’s other game-changing device is designed especially for the face, using micro-currents to firm the skin for a face-lift that is completely natural.

Lebody is in the business of making your dream body, your real body. Want these benefits? You know where to find us.


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