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Idromed 5 GS

  • $1,180.00

Powerful and compact iontophoresis designed for to treat those with mild to severe hyperhidrosis (a.k.a. excessive sweating), mainly at the hands and feet, as well as for thick to very thick calluses.

The Idromed® 5 GS is based on the effect of constant direct current. This model is suitable for people over age 18 with no sensitive skin and for the treatment of excessively sweaty hands, feet and armpits.

Included in this set are:

1 x Idromed 5 GS Iontophoresis Machine Control Panel

2 x Idromed Plastic Grids

2 x Idromed Aluminium Electrode Plates

2 x Idromed Edge Protectors

2 x Idromed Electrode Connection Cables

1 x Idromed Iontophoresis Machine Carry Case (converts into 2 detachable treatment trays)

1 x Idromed AC 100-240v Power Adapter - UK

1 x Patient's Diary Booklet

1 x Idromed 5 GS Instruction Manual

Optional accessories:

2 x Nickel-free Armpit Electrodes with Sponge Pockets for treating of armpits

If possible, treatment should be performed once a day initially. Treatment should last 10-15 minutes, depending on the doctor’s prescription. Normally, after 10 -15 treatments, a normal hydrosis level is reached and the skin moisture is normalized. The intervals of treatment should now be extended gradually. (1st week - every 2 days, 2nd week - every 3 days, until there is just one treatment per week). Further instructions are detailed in the User Manual. It is strongly recommended to read the User Manual before you begin using Dr Honle Idromed 5 GS.

Treatments are performed using tap water.

Keeping a patient diary is a makor contributing factor to the success of iontophoresis treatment. Documenting the application helps your physician assess the treatment and, if necessary, to optimize the course of therapy. A recorded treatment history also helps in showing when the electrodes were changed.

One year from purchased date on machine control panel and power adapter only. No warranty on electrodes.

  • Idromed 5 GS
  • Idromed 5 GS


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