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Compression – 5 Reasons Why

Compression is so simple a concept that at first one thinks, “Surely it can’t actually have any benefits” – but by saying this, we forget that the body is a sensitive vessel. An act as casual as wearing high-heeled shoes can push our hips and lower back out of alignment, resulting in much discomfort. We focus so much on what we put inside our body that we forget what we put on our body can also play a role in our physical well-being. This is where Marena’s Compression Garments come in. Numerous studies have shown that the body responds well to gentle compression in certain areas. That’s right – compression garments are not just tight-fitted clothing, they are specially designed to put the right amount of pressure on the right place, to enhance a specific purpose. And of these purposes, there are plenty.

Dying to know more? We thought so!

  1. For Slimming
    For those seeking a tighter and toned figure, compression garments are brilliant at shaping the body so it appears more lean and contoured – but that’s not the only way it assists with slimming. The gentle pressure exerted on the body while moving creates a “micromassage.” While micromassages cannot reduce fat, they can diminish the visibility of cellulite. This means that existing fat will have a more attractive appearance. And let’s not forget, compression aligns the body to stand more straight and confident. So say goodbye to hunched postures that draw attention to stomach bulge!
  2. For Workouts & Workout Recovery
    In recent years, there has been an outpouring of praise for compression-wear from the sports industry, not just from athletes themselves but also physical therapists and trainers. Compression offers soothing support to muscles and joints, meaning damage to these areas is reduced – when stress on the body is minimised, you can expect a quick recovery period and most importantly, more energy to offer to your next session. Couple this with improved blood circulation and more efficient oxygenation of muscles, and you are set to heal like a rockstar. These recovery benefits are strongly supported by scientific studies which have shown consistently that muscle tissue recovers faster after compression. On top of this, athletes also report of a heightened awareness of body coordination, when wearing compression gear. This means each move is strong and intentional, maximising its results. If exercise is a frequent part of your lifestyle, you can be sure that Marena will give your body the care it needs during and between training sessions.
  3. For Post-Surgery & Post-Pregnancy
    Compression-wear is so beneficial to those recovering from surgery (both medical and cosmetic) that it usually comes doctor-recommended. After a surgical procedure, the healing body sends fluid to the site that has been operated on and this can result in some painful, unsightly swelling. Compression assists with preventing fluid build-up, reducing both swelling and body discomfort. For cosmetic surgery, it is even more essential as compression plays a vital role in maintaining results. By holding the body snug and keeping it enclosed, a smooth recovery is ensured and the body regains its full strength.
  4. For Flying
    Long flights aren’t just a drag, they can also be a burden on your physical health. When the body is inactive and constricted for long periods of time, blood circulation begins to suffer and swelling can be an unfortunate consequence of this. Worst of all, this can lead to blood clots in the veins. While most blood clots dissolve on their own, a small percentage can have fatal results and at the very least, will produce some soreness. Wear compression garments while flying and your risk for blood clots becomes greatly diminished. And trust us, you’ll be a lot more comfortable too. I mean, did we mention the micromassage?
  5. For Everyday
    Regardless of lifestyle, compression therapy has health-boosting benefits for everyone. Pressure applied to the body flushes out retained fluids and clears the lymphatic system, so you can say bye-bye to harmful toxins. And if your daily routine involves a lot of walking or standing on your feet, you’re in for more benefits. Compression provides snug support for muscles, so after a long day you’re less likely to have sore, tired legs. Less discomfort, more energy – you can finally give your full, undivided attention to the tasks that matter.

For medical-grade compression-wear that guarantees all of the above benefits, consider Marena’s Compression Garments. Your body will thank you.


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