Slim & Sculpt with Electrotherapy : FAQ

The Basics What are Electrotherapy and Cosmetic Electrotherapy? When electric currents are passed through the body to stimulate nerves and muscles, this is referred to as electrotherapy. While electrotherapy is most often used for medical and therapeutic purposes, such as improving mobility and body pains, cosmetic electrotherapy is the same concept with an emphasis on aesthetic outcomes. […]

Compression – 5 Reasons Why

Compression is so simple a concept that at first one thinks, “Surely it can’t actually have any benefits” – but by saying this, we forget that the body is a sensitive vessel.

Lebody Form’s Hidden Benefits

It’s no secret that the Lebody Form is a miracle-worker for weight loss. Arms, stomach, and thighs – the Form finds its way easily through all problematic areas, sculpting the figure like a work of fine art.