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8 Important Features in a Comfortable Compression Garment

Why are patients uncompliant and inconsistent when it comes to wearing their compression garment?


ComfortWeave® vs Powernet: A Quick Guide

In this guide, we discuss the difference between Marena’s ComfortWeave® and the industry standard compression material, PowerNet, while looking ...


Young & Wrinkly (Part II – Solutions)

In part two of our Young and Wrinkly series, we summarize the multiple solutions available to minimize wrinkles and make your skin look younger and healthier.

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Young & Wrinkly (Part I – Causes & Prevention)

Keeping the skin healthy and young can be challenging for everyone, particularly due to the widespread unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle that people follow.


Slim & Sculpt with Electrotherapy : FAQ


FAB Facials – Singapore’s Hottest High-Tech Treatments for Heavenly Skin

The modern age is a sprawling wonderland of beauty innovations. With hordes of beauty creams, facials and devices on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, wondering, “But which one truly lives up to its promises? Which one is suited to my particular needs?”


Compression – 5 Reasons Why

Compression is so simple a concept that at first one thinks, “Surely it can’t actually have any benefits” - but by saying this, we forget that the body is a sensitive vessel.


Lebody Form’s Hidden Benefits

It’s no secret that the Lebody Form is a miracle-worker for weight loss. Arms, stomach, and thighs – the Form finds its way easily through all problematic areas, sculpting the figure like a work of fine art.


This October, Singapore is raising awareness for breast cancer

This October, many businesses and institutions across Singapore are gearing up to honour Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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